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Working on Pemba since 2016

Born from a dream to self sustain all our long term objectives

We’re honored to be an offshoot of Waterfall Charity, a UK based NGO with over 10 years of dedicated service. Our locally registered branches in Pemba and Mainland Tanzania are committed to creating positive change.

With a profound sense of purpose, we assert our position as the world’s first dedicated Muslim volunteer camp. Nestled on a serene and secure island, overlooked by the global community, this idyllic setting is home to the ummah in dire need of life’s basic necessities. Here, we offer a unique opportunity for you to personally dispense your Zakat and Sadaqah, thus ensuring your charitable contributions have a tangible and direct impact whilst a portion contributing to our long term projects.



We understand that to truly make a lasting impact, we must establish a foundation that goes beyond the immediate.

This vision inspired the creation of a sustainable model, generating income from the retreat and from volunteer donations that forms the bedrock of our charitable endeavors, supporting communities on Pemba Island and throughout Tanzania


Regenerative Travel

We want you to join us on a journey of purpose. Whether you are a volunteer looking to make a positive impact,  or an organisation looking to partner with us, we invite you to be a part of this inspiring story.

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Spend your volunteering experience in the heart of the beautiful Indian Ocean

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