Family & Friends

Change lives, find purpose, and make an unforgettable impact as a volunteer


Strengthen Bonds

Volunteering abroad with your large family or group of friends is an incredible way to strengthen your bonds, leave a positive impact, and create cherished memories together.

Waterfall  offers safe, affordable, and all-inclusive programs specially crafted for families and friend groups. We take care of everything for your group, from accommodation and airport pickup to meals and more, all starting from just £455 for one week. Volunteering with Waterfall Retreat is not only an affordable way to explore the world but also an opportunity to give back.

Whether your interests lie in construction, teaching, or volunteering with children, embarking on a volunteer journey abroad with friends or family allows you to spend quality time together while instilling the values of service and making a positive difference.

More Information:
  • Minimum Unaccompanied Age: 18 years
  • 7 day to 28 day
  • Available Year-round