Empower Through Education

Transform Lives

Waterfall’s education initiative on Pemba Island is dedicated to enhancing the effectiveness of local schools and childcare centers. We are building an International Primary School on the Retreat Site for local orphans and underpriveliged children. Our international volunteers in Tanzania play a crucial role by imparting English, Math, and various subjects, while also sharing their cultural insights and skills. You don’t need prior teaching experience to join as a volunteer ; just bring your creativity and proactive attitude. Our experienced team will guide you, ensuring you make a significant impact and develop valuable skills.

Our primary focus is on supporting primary schools, though opportunities to volunteer in secondary school settings may be available upon request. Many of the childcare projects we assist also include nursery schools for preschool children, providing additional avenues for Waterfall volunteers to teach English in Tanzania. Join us in this rewarding journey, contributing to education and community development while creating lasting memories.


Whether you’re an experienced school teacher or a newcomer to the field, Waterfall invites you to join our mission as a volunteer teacher in Tanzania. Make a profound impact on the lives of young learners while sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm. Our diverse projects offer a unique opportunity to contribute your teaching skills to communities in need. We provide the support and resources to help you thrive in this rewarding endeavor. Come and be a part of our teaching team, shaping the future of Tanzania, one lesson at a time. Your dedication can make a world of difference.

More Information:
  • Minimum Unaccompanied Age: 18 years
  • 7 day to 28 day
  • Available Year-round